Yoga is for integrity of body and mind: Venkaiah Naidu

 Telangana | Written by : IANS Updated: Tue, Jun 21, 2022, 12:59 PM

Hyderabad, June 21 (IANS) Vice President M. Venkaiah Naidu said on Tuesday that Yoga is for the integrity of the country as well as the body and the mind.

He was speaking at the International Yoga Day celebrations held at Parade Grounds here.

The Vice President along with Union minister for tourism and culture G. Kishan Reddy, badminton star P.V. Sindhu, actor Advi Shesh and hundreds of people from various walks of life participated in the Yoga programme organised by the ministries of Ayush and culture.

"Yoga is for harmony, unity and integrity of the country as well as the body and the mind," Naidu said.

"Yoga makes you physically fit and mentally alert. It's a great gift given by our forefathers to humanity. We present generation must follow the tradition and continue it in our life," he said.

He conveyed his greetings and best wishes to all the countrymen and international community. He also complimented Ayush ministry and culture ministry for organising the event.

Venkaiah Naidu stated that ancient science of Yoga is India's invaluable gift to the world. "It is a great legacy from our forefathers showing us the path of holistic health and well-being."

He noted that the theme of this year's Yoga Day is Yoga for humanity. He underlined the importance of Yoga in universal peace and unity.

"World peace is very much required. Peace is a prerequisite for progress. If you have tension, you cannot pay attention and have retention of those values," he said and called on people to practice, profess, propagate Yoga and be proud of it.

"International Day is meant for making the present generation realise the importance of Yoga. It signifies the role it can play in overall physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing of the world," he said

Venkaiah Naidu complimented Prime Minister Narendra Modi for taking the initiative of the World Yoga Day at the United Nations and for making it again popular across the globe.

The vice president claimed that Yoga has no barrier of age, caste, region or religion and that is why it is universal.

"Everyone must practice, respect and follow Yoga in our life. Exercise results in good health, long life, strength and happiness. Good health is the greatest blessing. Our forefathers said health is wealth. If you have health you can earn wealth but if you have wealth there is guarantee that you will have health."

He also noted that the Covid-19 pandemic not only impacted physical health but also caused mental health issues among many people. "Therefore, practicing Yoga will help build resilience and improve one's health. Everyone should make Yoga part of their daily lives and reap its benefits," he said.

Stating that Yoga is time-tested, Naidu said its importance has increased in view of the changes in lifestyle, food habits and environment.